Way to go, loser.

your mom doesn't go to collage

------------This interest is spelled wrong, idiot.
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Watch what you're typing, dummy. You're interested in something misspelled. Obviously you're not that interested in it to take the time to make sure you're spelling it right. LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE. YOU'RE A DISGRACE. CANCEL YOUR INTERNET SUBSCRIPTION NOW.


  • "Collage" is a misspelling if you were looking for the thing you go to after high school if you're smart/rich enough (and obviously, you're not smart enough to go). If you're talking about the lame art form, your spelling is fine.
  • "Carmel" is a misspelling if you're talking about the stuff in Rolos; it's fine if you're looking for the city.
  • "Sumer" is wrong if you're talking about the time Arizona becomes unbearable; a winner is you if you are looking for the ancient city-states.
  • "Heroine" is correct if you are talking about female heroes, you are owned if you are talking about the thing rock stars OD on.
  • "Stained" is fine if for some reason you have an interest in spilled wine, if you're talking about the band, that would be Staind.
  • "Ghetto boys" is only correct if you're interested in boys from the ghetto---the band would be the Geto Boys.
  • "Lincoln park" is right if you are looking for a specific place; the shitty band is Linkin Park.
  • "Panera" is A-OK if you like snobby hippie bread restaurants. The band is Pantera.

dictionary.com is your friend.

bramcohenishot slaved over a hot keyboard to find common mispelled Livejournal interests and the result was this fine community. No, this isn't the first community like this, but this is the best. And has the most misspellings.
adolph hitler, alcahol, alchohol, alkaine trio, allison hannigan, alot, ambercrombie, ambercrombie and fitch, anarexia, apocolypse, appearence, archetecture, ashley simpson, assasination, assasins, awsome, bannanas, beastiality, beasty boys, brendan frasier, britian, britney murphy, brittany spears, brittney spears, buisness, bulemia, caffiene, calenders, californa, careing, carribbean, ceasar, cemetaries, champange, cheeze, chemestry, chiwawas, choclate, chris novoselic, christina agulara, cigaretts, clockwork orange, clubing, colin ferral, commericals, committment, conan o'brian, curt cobain, depech mode, dr. pepper, evanesence, febuary, femenism, freedom of speach, furies, furrys, ghetto boys, girlz, glamor, good charlette, gurl, guyz, hillary duff, hippys, holister, hott, hott guys, hott topic, hottness, iconz, independance, jim brewer, john lenon, john stewart, jonny depp, keith olberman, kissin, kittys, kurt cobaine, lavander, lesbiens, lincoln park, lindsey lohan, loosers, loosing weight, loveing, makup, marajuana, masterbation, naziism, nickolodeon, nicole ritchie, oy, ozzy osborne, ozzy osbourn, paris hitlon, phillosophy, philosiphy, ppl, psycics, puppys, pyschic, ryan cabrara, saggitarius, sagitarius, selma hayek, skatebaording, sking, smokeing, snowbaording, sophmores, spainish, spiderman, stained, steven colbert, straberries, strawberies, strawberrys, studing, sucess, suiside, sumer, summmer, suprises, swiming, tattooes, telivision, the beetles, the ramons, tities, tolerence, tomatos, tounge, uma therman, vegitarian, vegitarianism, vengance, vengence, vin deisel, weaponary, wearwolves, wierdness, wimmin, winona rider, womyn, yugio